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Here's the State of the Alexander Wang x H&M Line in Flatiron

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The highly-anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked National's social media editor Eileen Sutton is on the scene at the Flatiron store.

5:52am: Hey! Made it to 18th Street. It's about 70 people deep, I'd say.

6:03am: I passed the store at 42nd and 5th on my way in, which looked like there were about 30 people in line at that time.

6:25am: There's lots of men on line here. [Ed. note: We predicted that last night]

6:45am: There's probably about 100 people here by now.

6:48am: They just closed off the street! Firetrucks are pulling up.

6:49am: Oops! False alarm. They're just pulling the trucks into the station across the street. Funny timing!

6:50am: They're handing out water bottles! As if it's not wet enough out here already...

6:55am: Last year, cupcakes. This year, water. What gives??

7:01am: They just handed out the rules sheet. I'm in the third grouping, so I'll be getting in at 8:45am.

7:03am: A manager just said that they have 50% less stock here as compared to the Margiela launch two years ago! Interesting ... and sucky.

7:19am: We've got 40 minutes to go until the doors open, and the line is probably close to 120 people now.

7:45am: Not much to report here now. People are still pretty patient, and in good spirits despite the weather.

7:57am: A SoulCycle instructor from across the street just got a bracelet. She's going to teach a class and then come back. That's efficient.

8:04am: We're inching closer to the entrance! The in-store DJ is in action.

8:20am: People have been cutting the line to go shop the men's section, which opened at 8am. Getting a little crazy over here.

Check back soon for a full report from the inside of the Flatiron store.

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