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Early Birds Cleaned Out Alexander Wang x H&M Men's in Soho

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The highly-anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked NY associate editor Rebecca Jennings is on the scene at the Soho store at 558 Broadway.

6:47am: Good morning! There's at least 80 people in line here right now.

6:52am: Just to clarify, I'm at the store at 558 Broadway, closer to Houston Street. A woman on the phone in line with me is attempting to coordinate with her friend, arguing about which H&M to meet at around here.

6:54am: Staff's coming down the line explaining the rules to everyone, but they haven't gotten to me yet.

6:56am: Just learned that I'll be getting in the store at 8:45am. Hope there's still stuff left...

6:59am: They're still going over the rules with us—you can only buy two of any particular item, and they have to be in different sizes. Plus, you can only take seven items in the dressing room.

7:01am: Actually, I'll get into the men's section at 8am, and then the women's at 8:45am.

7:03am: They're giving out the bracelets now so that people can step out of line, but literally no one is leaving. According to the guy in front of me: "Better safe than sorry."

7:06am: They're not handing out water bottles at this location—what the heck?! Why does Flatiron get them and not us??

7:11am: People in line are talking about grabbing all the men's product, plus whether sizes run big. Maybe all the smalls will go first?

7:15am: Some people in line just offered to buy me coffee! At least we're all being nice around here.

7:19am: Crucial water bottle update: They were handing them out here! I was just too late...

7:30am: Damn, and I missed them again because I went on a Dean & Deluca run.

7:35am: Other stores on the block are making sure the line isn't covering up their entrances. That's making the line look longer than it actually is.

We thought Banana Republic was coming out to yell at us for standing in front of their door just now, but instead they're handing out coupons for their friends and family sale starting today!39am:>

7:40am:As the coupon guy said: "Do whatever you need to do over there, then come see us."

7:50am: Things are getting antsy over here. People are shifting around, taking lots of coffee and bathroom breaks.

7:54am: However, they're not taking breaks to throw out trash, unfortunately.

7:58am: Two minutes to go! Our hopes for an early opening have been dashed.

8:00am: And we're moving!

8:05am: Three minutes in, and the men's racks have been basically cleaned out. The leather jackets are still here, though. And now they're telling people to go to 34th Street!

8:10am: That was insane. There's pretty much no menswear out right now, and I'm still trying to get a staff member to tell me whether it'll be restocked. In the meantime, I'm waiting for the women's portion.

8:15am: So there will be no restocking here—everything is out on the floor. If you're looking for menswear, don't come to 558 Broadway.

Check back on the site soon for a new post detailing the state of the womenswear collection at this location.

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