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Upper East Siders Lining Up for Wang X H&M Unphased by Rain

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The highly-anticipated Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration debuts at 8am this morning. Employees will hand out bracelets to the first 420 people in line that denote designated 15 minute shopping slots. Racked reporter Hsini is on the scene at the East 86th Street store.

The scene at 6:40am

6:40am I just arrived and there are already 60 people in line. I would have been here earlier if I didn't forget my phone at home.

6:45am The rain did not deter shoppers on the Upper East Side. The first person in line told me that he's been here since 7pm. I didn't ask if he's a professional line-sitter.

6:50am The line is growing slowly. Maybe it will pick up after 7am. There are now 65 people.

6:53am Unlike at the last collab I stood in line for (Isabel Marant x H&M, at the Fifth Avenue location), there are no cupcakes or hot coffee being served.

7:05am There's an hour wait left. A lady is putting away two folding chairs in the trunk of her car.

7:08am The line just passed 70.

7:11am A recount of the line: 80 people.

7:12am The cropped sweatshirt seems to be the most-desired item.

7:15am I asked security to confirm if they are still letting groups of 30 in at a time but they have no clue.

7:19am No one has been handing out bracelets yet!

7:23am Security is managing the line and making everyone stand single-file. Bracelets will be handed out soon.

7:43am Okay, I just got my bracelet. It's blue and I get to shop between 8:45 and 9am. Some of the people in the front of the line have left (probably to go pee or warm up).

7:45am They didn't specify if men's and women's collections are separated, so I guess it could all be together.

7:48am The line is close to 100 people now. Not too bad. The last person in line gets to shop before 10am.

7:56am No water bottles here! I'm actually thirsty. Is it safe to drink rain water?

7:58am My new line friends all have one thing in common: cold feet.

8:05am The line is advancing. First group of shoppers are in!

8:08am Okay, I'm in the store. We're being guided to the second floor and the staff is cheering us on.

8:10am They led too many people up the escalator and the line backed up on it. A bit of a panic.

8:12am More shoppers are being let in to warm up.

Check back on the site soon for a new post detailing the state of the collection at this location.


150 E 86th St #2, New York, NY 10028