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Fifth and 48th Is Your Best Bet For Alexander Wang x H&M

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Inside the Fifth Avenue store at 48th Street
Inside the Fifth Avenue store at 48th Street

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To celebrate the five-hour anniversary of the Alexander Wang x H&M launch in stores, we just took a sweep of five Manhattan stores to see where shoppers will have the most luck. Things were winding down on the Upper East Side, 51st Street, and 42nd Street, where staff was preparing to let the rest of the line in after the last bracelet group finished shopping at 12:45.

None of these stores were restocking, and had a very limited selection of sizes and styles remaining. Of these three 51st and Fifth still had the most merchandise when we were there, especially for women's.

The line was longest in the Times Square store, where there were separate shopping sections for women and men. As of 12:40pm, staff was putting out the last of their back stock and unleashing the rest of the crowd into both sections. It might be a look if you're in the area during lunchtime, but probably not much later than that.

Shoppers heading into the collab section at Times Square

However, the Fifth Avenue flagship on 48th Street—the scene of the preview frenzy last night—seemed to be the most organized and well-stocked of all the stores we visited this afternoon. While there was still a line outside waiting in the drizzle, shoppers were quickly ushered into a clean, calm collab area that had just been restocked with all styles for both men and women. Plus, there's more to put out later today.

If you visit this location—or any others—throughout the day, let us know what the stock is like! At the very least, tell us if the DJs are still hard at work (they were still scratching at all five stores as of this post).

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