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The Alexander Wang X H&M Preview Went Down in a Real Way

Empty racks at H&M's Wang shop-in-shop
Empty racks at H&M's Wang shop-in-shop

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To drum up even more excitement for the launch of its Alexander Wang capsule collection tomorrow, H&M hosted a private shopping event at the mega-chain's 48th Street flagship this evening. And while we set off for the party with the intention of scoping out the collab's snakeskin-effect knits and quilted moto jackets, by the time we got there—one hour into the three-hour event—the racks were totally decimated.

All of the branded pieces had been snatched up, which makes sense because, really, WANG is the most delightful of all logos. Shoppers were dejectedly examining the remaining drapey tank tops and sock boots. A lone Misshape wandered from rack to rack, his cellphone to his ear, trying to convey the direness of the situation to whomever was on the other end of the line. ("There's just…towels.")


Over in a happier corner of the store, those who had arrived early compared their spoils, and texted frantically—recruiting friends to act as surrogate shoppers so that they could avoid Wang X H&M's two-pieces-of-the-same-style-per-customer rule.

Just some tanks, hangin' out

Just before 8pm, a hush fell over the room. The mannequins. The mannequins were wearing the coveted WANG sweatshirts, and striped leggings. The crowd drew closer. A photographer-type with an exceptional man-bun cautiously tugged on one of the mannequins' spandex pant-legs, as hundreds of shoppers watched anxiously. Could he…? Would it be okay if he…? Yes! Yes it would be! Two H&M employees stepped in and yanked the leggings from the display. Excitement reached a fever pitch.


The security guard watching the mannequins at the other end of the Wang shop-in-shop looked on. It was only a matter of time before the crowd came for their outfits, too. Would be be ready? He widened his stance.

Bring it.

At this point, a fleet of waiters entered the room, their trays piled high with rum and coke shots in pinky-sized soda bottles and bagel bites housed in mini pizza boxes.

BB pizzas

We grabbed as much tiny food as we could, stole a longing glance at a neon sports bra someone had tossed aside, just out of reach, and headed out the door—where we saw eight people already lined up for Alexander Wang X H&M's official debut at 8am.

Thinkin' bout u

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