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Salon Unleashes 'Vajaycials,' Which Are Exactly What You Think

The J Sisters salon in Midtown. Photo: <a href="">Spa Week</a>
The J Sisters salon in Midtown. Photo: Spa Week

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It was only a matter of time: One intrepid salon is about to unleash something called a "vagina facial" upon the women of New York City, or as the Post has helpfully coined, "The Vagaycial." The J Sisters, known for their pioneering Brazilian bikini waxes in the early aughts, have also invented the logical next step: A cosmetic solution for the brave souls for whom having all their "down-there" hair waxed completely off is only Step One.

The idea behind the Vajaycial is similar to that of the facial—using Gommage therapy, an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells and helps with ingrown hairs, it does basically the same thing as it would on your face.

No word on the cost of such a treatment, but they're also bringing us another service promising to "rejuvenate" whatever it is that needs rejuvenating: J Sisters Couture, a "color and shaping treatment for the same area down there ... for women of a certain age who are turning gray."

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The J Sisters

41 West 57th Street, New York, NY