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The Wren, Rachel Antonoff Sample Sale Has $10 Jewelry, $5 Bin

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The Wren, Rachel Antonoff, Fallon, and Fenton (phew!) sample sale kicked off at 9am this morning, and unless you're sample size or smaller, look past the (relatively meager) clothing selection and head onwards to the jewelry—the sale's raison d'etre.

Its other saving grace? The cardboard box stuffed with clothes for just $5, located handily next to the door—meaning that if you're only here to spend about as much on clothes as you would on a latte, you don't have waste a second.

When we arrived around 11am, no one else was in the room, but by the time we left, there were a few other shoppers. The office is tiny, and there are just two racks of clothes, almost exclusively Wren. Finding Rachel Antonoff pieces was tricky—the few we did see weren't marked as such and were definitely samples in varying conditions, and at least two still had pins stuck in them.

Aside from the $5 bin, (in which there are dresses, tops, and bottoms), dresses are $50, tops and bottoms are $40, tees and shorts are $20, jackets and blazers are $75, and coats are $100. There are also about six pairs of heels, all $60 and size 9s (runway size!) lined up on the back wall.

The room is practically overflowing with jewelry, however, with statement necklaces, bracelets, and architectural rings ranging from $10 to $80.

Though there will be very little restocking (staff says they have a few more pieces in larger sizes, thank goodness), markdowns are on the way. Jewelry, especially, will see "amazing" deals on Saturday, we've been told. For sale times, dates, and location, see the Dealfeed below.

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