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Meet FitReserve, the Gilt City of Fitness Booking Sites

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Photos: Clay Fitness, FitReserve
Photos: Clay Fitness, FitReserve

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There's a new way to feel the burn in New York City. Today marks the launch of FitReserve, an invitation-only site that allows you to book classes at more than two dozen of the city's boutique fitness studios at discounts of upwards of 50% off single class prices, plus access to deals on health-related extras, like activewear and even spa treatments.

How does it differ from its competition, like ClassPass and BurnThis? Though they all may follow the same name format (two words becoming one), FitReserve gives its members exclusive access to peak class times—so you can finally get into that 6:30 Core Fusion Barre class at Exhale on Tuesdays—plus you're allowed to book at a studio up to four times per month, allowing you to create a weekly fitness routine at your favorite places.

Partner gyms so far include plenty of favorites like Concrete Fitness, Xtend Barre Brooklyn Heights, Row House, and Peloton—and the list is growing. And outside of working out, members can receive discounts on grocery delivery from Instacart, commutes with Uber, clothes from Lolë, and even on-demand massages from Zeel.

"We offer full schedule access to some of the best studios and gyms in NYC," Co-founder and CEO Megan Smyth said in a statement, "so members can work out when they want and where they want at a more accessible price point."

That accessible price point is $149 for ten classes a month (that's $14.90 per class if you take all ten) or $249 for twenty classes per month, bringing the per-class rate down to $12.45.

And while potential members who don't have an invite currently need to join a wait list to sign up, FitReserve is giving Racked readers a 24-hour window to cut the line and join today—Head here to sign up, and get a $150 Nike gift card as a welcome bonus!

FitReserve membership purchase must happen by 11:30am EST on 11/19/2014 to be eligible for the $150 gift card and member must remain a subscriber for 3 months.

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