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MTA to Crack Down on Backpacks, Male Subway Stance

Photo: Chanel
Photo: Chanel

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The MTA is taking a stand against subway sprawl. This January, the organization is retiring its "courtesy is contagious" slogan in favor of a new campaign that targets backpack-wearers and passengers (dudes, mostly) who sit with their legs spread two feet apart, AM New York reports.

Details on the new rule roll-out are hazy at this point, because the MTA is still finalizing its Official Backpack Position. Some board members want to ban them altogether, while others believe that a backpack ceases to be a backpack once it's taken off the shoulders and carried purse-style, or plopped on the subway floor.

While they deliberate, we'll continue dealing with those who encroach on our subway space the best way we know how—by publicly shaming them on Saving Room for Cats.
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