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The New Feit Store Is an Exercise in Extreme Minimalism

Oh look, shoes! Photos: Feit
Oh look, shoes! Photos: Feit

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Feit's New York flagship opened last Friday, and if you squint, you might be able to spot some shoes. Entering the Nolita store—the brand's first permanent location outside of Australia—is like journeying into the depths of extreme minimalism. Both the interior and the stock are clean, spare, and staunchly on the neutral color spectrum.

Visitors to the store can also peek inside an adjacent studio where custom orders and repairs take place. "The space feels like a deconstructed cobbler with a heightened sense of pre-and-post-purchase service," co-founder Tull Price told T Magazine.

Another element uniting the interiors and Feit's products: eco-friendliness. Designed with artist Jordana Maisie, the space is built with recycled Baltic birch wood, concrete, and raw timber, whereas the shoes (mostly around the $500 range) are handmade to reduce environmental impact.

"The majority of brands have chosen to chase seasonal growth and are dumbing down their products," Tull added. "Our aim is to build the highest-quality product possible."

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2 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012