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Rebecca Minkoff's New Store Has Sentient Dressing Rooms

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Photo: Rebecca Minkoff
Photo: Rebecca Minkoff

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Leave it to Rebecca Minkoff—a designer who's partnered with Snapchat and backlit her runways with Twitter livestreams—to dream up a Soho flagship that's just as digitally-focused as her marketing strategy.

The first thing you notice upon walking into her 96 Greene Street store—created in collaboration with eBay—is a giant, wall-spanning touchscreen. Here, customers are encouraged to place a drink order, meaning the first thing sales associates say to shoppers isn't, "Can I help you?" but "Here's your latte!" This is also where you can tap pieces for Rebecca Minkoff employees to whisk to your dressing room. Although if you'd rather wander around and touch, say, a burgundy suede moto jacket before deciding to try it on, there's nothing to stop you from having that old-school shopping experience.

Rebecca Minkoff and her business partner, brother Uri Minkoff

Once you're in the dressing room with your picks, things get really futuristic. When shoppers hold up their items, the mirror instantly identifies them, and brings up all the sizes and colors they're available in. So if you want to try those skinny trousers in an eight, rather than a six, and in navy, not black, a few taps of the touchscreen glass with send them to your dressing room door. You can also adjust the lightning, with options ranging from "Brooklyn Morning" to "Soho After Dark."

If you want to check out while you're still in the dressing room, you can download Rebecca Minkoff's coordinating app. It also keeps a record of everything you've tried on, and will send you (and probably Rebecca Minkoff's marketing department) data on items you've considered on past visits to the store.

The shop officially opens tomorrow, November 15th—just two days before the designer kicks off her sample sale.

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Rebecca Minkoff

96 Greene Street, New York, NY