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$10 Denim and More for Guys at The News Showroom Sale

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We popped in to last night's preview of The News Showroom sample sale at 495 Broadway, and let's just get this out of the way right now: Those $10 denim bins are back!

Since this sale is on the larger side, we're breaking down what's inside for men and women separately. The guy's side has great deals from Cheap Monday, Tim Coppens, Public School, Officine Generale, Folk and Long Journey. Sizes here range from small to extra large.

The $10 Cheap Monday denim bin has sizes ranging from 30 to 36. If you can't find the right style in that bin, there's a wall of Cheap Monday jeans with more styles and sizes for $30—$40. Other pant options included trousers, cords and some leather-trimmed joggers from Tim Coppens for $80. There were a few shorts available, including Folk sweat shorts for $75 and Tim Coppens leather shorts for $250.

For shirtings, the short-sleeved styles include Folk embroidered tees for $75, Public School sweaters for $90 and Tim Coppens leather-trimmed sweatshirts for $60. If you like your sleeves long, we found button-downs from Cheap Monday for $15, Tim Coppens neoprene sweatshirts for $80, and Officine Generale sweaters at $165.

The outerwear section offers everything from lightweight zip-ups to awesome leather jackets across all brands. We found leather vests for $200, stylized wind breakers and rain jackets for $200-$275, heavy duty overcoats for $350-$510, and leather jackets in short and long styles from $350 to $645.

If you're in need of some shoes, you're in luck—if you're a size 42. Common Projects has sneakers and dress shoe options for $200-$220, and Public School high tops are going for $220. While the majority of shoes were a size 42, we did spot sizes up to 45 in here—you just need to look at all the boxes.

There's a small accessories table near the registers with $15 socks, belts for $40-$45, leather baseball caps for $70, and leather bags and backpacks for $250-$300.

There is a coat and bag check. You can try clothes on in the unisex fitting room, so dress appropriately. They will be restocking clothing throughout the sale, but all the shoes are out. See the Dealfeed below for more sale information, including times and location.

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