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The Short Jenny Packham Sample Sale Is Sparse and Sparkly

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The one-day Jenny Packham sample sale began this morning at 8am, and both the princesses and the brides were ready for it—staff says there was a line of about 15 shoppers this morning, but by the time we arrived an hour later, there were only about five people inside. Moral of the story: If you head over early, you could get the bridal wear, evening gowns, and sparkly accessories all to yourself.

The first thing you'll notice is that the sale, while beautiful, isn't particularly stacked. The reason? A second shipment is currently stuck at customs, and it may or may not be delivered by the end of the day—meaning an after-work peek could be totally worth it.

The second thing you'll notice is sparkles, sparkles, sparkles. Nearly all of the gowns, both evening and bridal that are organized by size,are embellished with jewels. Evening gowns are mostly in the $700 range, but there's a teensy section for minidresses under $500.

The least expensive bridal gown we spotted was a simple Grecian style for $840, with some running up to around $1,600. Brides-to-be, take note—Most gowns are on the smaller size, with the bulk of dresses in size 8 (though they appear to be much, much smaller than that).

Accessories are the star of the show, however. Located right in the front, headbands are $75, bracelets are $60 to $100, belts are $150, and headdresses are $100 to $300. The lone veil we found is $110.

In the far back corner, you'll find just four nighties, all originally around $500 but priced at just $40 (read: You don't have to be engaged to indulge).

Here's a fun tidbit we saw: As one shopper was checking out to buy a beautiful beaded dress for $840, staff told her that Angelina Jolie had worn the same one in blush and loved it so much that Jenny Packham gave it to her.

See the Dealfeed below for more information on the sale, which closes at 6pm.

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