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Glorious News: NYC to Get the Permanent Cat Café It Deserves

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We interrupt our usual shopping and fashion coverage to bring you this extremely urgent news report: New York City is about to be anointed with the its first permanent cat café. Our sister site Eater reports that the Meow Parlour, a place for cat-less humans to chill with cats, will open on December 15th at 46 Hester Street.

The deal is this: Instead of having people wait in line—and oh, they would wait—Meow Parlour allows you to reserve a 30-minute time slot online for $4. The maximum amount of time you're allowed to spend in the cat room is five hours, which feels rather long. We suggest that anyone planning to spend five hours inside a cat café should maybe consider adopting one—which you can do! All the cats come from the rescue center KittyKind and are adoptable.

And if you thought macarons weren't going to be involved in this, you would be wrong. There will be so many macarons, specifically Macaron Parlour macarons, available in the adjacent bakery. So after your five hours are up, you can continue to have the best day ever by indulging in coffee and pastries.

Oh, and there's a chance that this cat café thing could really be A Thing—that other cat café is just $16,000 away from its crowdfunding goal. If it does open, New York City could be forever known as The City That Never Sleeps But Mainly Has Two Cat Cafés.

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Meow Parlour

46 Hester St New York, NY 10002