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The News' Sample Sale for Ladies: Dig, Dig, Dig for $10 Deals

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While our men's reporter stopped by The News' preview last night, we braved the cold snap this morning to give you the news (har har har) about the women's selection. Much like the men, women can find $10 Cheap Monday denim—everything from classic black skinnies to colored and dyed styles. These are organized by size—24-27 on one table, 28 and up on another—with short and long inseams, so you'll definitely have to take some time to sift through the many options for the right waist/inseam/style combination.

In addition to their $10 denim tables, you'll find a $20 Cheap Monday shoe bin (mostly 37's and 40's), a 2 for $5 underwear bin, $5-$10 accessories and bags, and $10 Cheap Monday and Clu tees. Frankly, there are so many options to dig through here, it's exhausting. However, you'll get what you put into this sale, and the prices outside the discount bins are much, much higher.

Much like in the men's section, the jeans that are hanging are more expensive, priced at $30-$40 per pair, and located along the hall extending into the sale's main room. The racks then move from Cheap Monday (we spotted a very functional-looking CM parka for $100 here) to Clu and 6397. This is where you'll find frilly black tops for $100, nubby sweaters for $200, and peplum tops for $100. Clu also has some basic tees for around $40. Closer to the register, you'll find one small rack of Sacai—the most expensive merch. A lovely grey coat is priced at $295, and a long, black sweater with blue buttons rings in at $350. That's a far cry from $10 jeans.

The shoe selection seems somewhat bigger than at previous sales, with lots of Anniel shoes at $30 for one pair, $50 for two pairs, and a special section where shoes are only $10 per pair. Otherwise, you'll mostly find Woman by Common Projects (we saw ankle boots for $225) and Cheap Monday styles (like platform sneaker boots for $50). It seems like there are a lot of 37's in the Cheap Monday section.

Otherwise, we recommend checking out the selection of cold weather accessories, which start as low as $5 and include hats for $15 and scarves for $20. Jewelry is right by the registers at $5-$10 a piece, but there are a lot of branded options, so this is only a good place to look if you love the Cheap Monday skull logo. The sale runs through Saturday at 6pm. Check out the dealfeed below for more info.

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