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Samples Aplenty at the Tracy Reese, Plenty by Tracy Reese Sale

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While this week's Tracy Reese sample sale is low on real estate (the two small rooms holding the merch feel downright tiny after shopping in the comparably cavernous space at Tibi's sale downtown), dedicated fans can easily overcome any short-term claustrophobia for the impressively priced samples on offer. The somewhat larger main room of the sale is bursting with them, with racks of Plenty by Tracy Reese on the right at $50 and Tracy Reese items on the left for $65.

Based on the crowd at last night's friends and family preview, the Tracy Reese's main line will be the first to go, as these racks looked comfortably spread out when compared to the bursting Plenty by Tracy Reese section. Since all clothing samples are priced based on brand and not style, the best deals are on outerwear: we spotted an asymmetrical jeweled jacket for $65 and black and white floral coat for $50. Staff noted that the samples available are based on the current fall collection, so it wouldn't hurt to check out the brand's website to see if anything presently on offer appeals. For instance, a posy print, mixed media dress currently retailing for $378 online popped up multiple times for only $65.

That also means that these are real samples, so, unfortunately, you need be sample-sized to take advantage of these deals. Virtually everything in the sample section is a size 0-4, though there were allegedly a few larger sizes in the mix.

Between these clothing racks you'll find accessories, shoes, and handbags. According to Reese staff, these are the items that absolutely must go, so it's likely that any additional restocking and markdowns will start here first. All bags were $50, and while they were generally of the statement, color-blocked variety, we spotted one or two purses in solid black. Shoes were also $50 each, and split between runway samples (in white boxes) and everything else. Again, since these are actual samples that were worn in Reese's runway show, they are mostly one-of-a-kind and large sizes dominate. However, the remaining shoe stock seemed to run the gamut from size 36 to 40. As far as other accessories, we mostly noticed hats and scarves ($10 each) and a few belts, but they did not seem to be garnering much attention.

Surprisingly - considering the difference in price - many of the shoppers were gravitating toward the overstock room. Despite the cramped quarters and meager lighting, this seemed to serve as both a de facto fitting room and the place to peruse the very neatly arranged fall overstock. All items were hung in plastic garment bags and seemed to be available in a number of sizes. Those who unsheathed these pieces were rewarded with dresses for $100-$150, skirts for $75-$100, and jackets for $110-$135. It's also worth noting that it looks like overstock Plenty by Tracy Reese jersey tops are actually the same price as the samples ($50), so if that's what you're looking for, we suggest modifying your game plan accordingly.

Restocking should take place every day (in fact, Reese staffers were already discussing restocking the Tracy Reese samples toward the end of the preview), and prices are expected to drop Friday. The sale runs through Friday at 3pm.

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