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Instagram's Chicest Pets, and Where They'd Shop as Humans

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Welcome to Racked's first-ever Pet Week! All week long, we'll be highlighting what makes New York so great for our furry (or slimy) friends.

Photos: Instagram

On Instagram, and especially in New York, the chicest people aren't actually people at all. With the help of their owners, certain pets have become more than just cuddly companions—they've reached style icon status in their own right. Here, we've found ten of the city's most unlikely muses—all follow-able on Instagram—including Marc Jacob's bull terrier, Neville, a hardware store owner's pet pig, and a cat with #EyebrowsOnFleek. And because we can't shop for ourselves at fancy pet stores, we've even included where they'd shop if they had two legs.

Menswear Dog/@mensweardog

Followers: 160,598
Signature pose: Male modelesque—chin cocked and wearing a sweater that's nicer than anything you will ever own
Chicest moment: When it was revealed that the owners of Bodhi (the Shiba Inu's real name) make $15,000 per month by securing campaigns for mega labels like Coach, American Apparel, Ferragamo, and Brooks Brothers. Oh, and he also launched his very own capsule collection for Menswear Daily and hosted a tres chic launch party at Botanica Bar for the occasion.
Where he'd shop if he were human: Odin, for a Maison Kitsuné oxford and a Thom Browne hoodie, then Filson for a leather camera bag, and the Lodge for all his fancy man-cessory needs.

Marnie the Dog/@marniethedog

Followers: 546,876
Signature pose: Head tilted, tongue out, and cozied up next to an impossibly famous celebrity
Chicest moment: Too many to count, but it probably involved either Tina Fey, Betsey Johnson, Lena Dunham, or the girls from Broad City.
Where she'd shop if she were human: At 12 years old, Marnie is a senior dog (that's 84 in human years!), but shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. If Marnie were your grandma, she'd be showing up to Thanksgiving dinner in a hot pink DVF wrap dress.

Princess Monster Truck/@princessmonstertruck

Followers: 107,874
Signature pose: Casually mean muggin'
Chicest moment: That time her face was turned into a T-shirt
Where she'd shop if she were human: She was adopted into a family of Brooklyn artists, so she's cool enough to rock black cage dresses and spiky accessories from fancy goth heaven ODD. Oh, and she wouldn't end a shopping trip without swinging by Deth Killers on the Bowery, if only to say hi to the owners, who she'd definitely be friends with.

The Cats (and Puppies, and Bunnies) of Catbird@catbirdnyc

Followers: 111,338
Signature pose: Seemingly aware of the fact that they are surrounded by beautiful jewelry, and not mad about it
Chicest moment: When we realized about 50% of Catbird's merch is cat-related, including a cat sleeping mask, a Kitten candle, and a ring that says "purr"
Where they'd shop if they were human: Aside from the obvious, this cutesy crew would frequent nearby Babel Fair (for the adorable dresses), and Brooklyn Fox for girly underthings.

Sam Has Eyebrows/@samhaseyebrows

Followers: 149,891
Signature pose: Concerned
Chicest moment: That time he wore skinny jeans and looked amazing
Where he'd shop if he were human: Like the sensitive, brooding boy he is, he'd go for head-to-toe structural black looks by Comme des Garçons at Dover Street Market. If all else fails, whatever the latest Opening Ceremony menswear collab is.

Neville Jacobs/@nevillejacobs and Choo Choo Charlie/@choochoocharlies

Followers: 88,767 and 23,581, respectively
Signature pose: Snuggling together while wearing Marc Jacobs
Chicest moment: That time they tasted Karlie's Kookies with Karlie Kloss
Where they'd shop if they were human: Neville and Choo Choo Charlie, owned by Marc Jacobs and his personal assistant, respectively, wouldn't just shop at Marc Jacobs (or all his subsequent West Village offshoots, e.g. Bookmarc, Little Marc Jacobs, etc.)—we like to think that if they were human, they'd have a menswear line of their very own.

The Bodega Cats of Instagram/@bodegacatsofinstagram

Followers: 12,955
Signature pose: Menacing, on the prowl, and surrounded by cans of soup
Chicest moment: The time someone spotted a bodega cat wearing a totally-hot-right-now gingham top
Where they'd shop if they were human: Much like the humans who shop at bodegas, bodega cats are all about two thing: convenience and cheapness. When not swapping old clothes for new ones at the city's multitude of Buffalo Exchanges, they're peeking into Forever 21 to find whatever $20 will get them.

Franklin the Pig/@franklinthepig

Followers: 1,053
Signature pose: Sniffing around to see what's up
Chicest moment: That time he was profiled in the New York Times and we learned he maintains his weight by eating almost entirely vegan
Where he'd shop if he were human: Of course, he'd get his home necessities at Williamsburg's Crest Hardware, of which he's the unofficial mascot, but for clothes, he'd opt for his dad's urban lumberjack vibe at cool-dude menswear store Hickoree's Floor Two and Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

The Dogs of Style Pup/@stylepup

Followers: 2,314
Signature pose: Wise, as if they know the answers to questions you can't even articulate
Chicest moment: That time Style Pup photog Emmy Park shot the Tompkins Square Dog Parade and the results were life-changing
Where they'd shop if they were human: These polished pups would likely shop at the kind of stores that are equal parts office-friendly and fun—think Otte, Article&, or Steven Alan