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Rebecca Taylor's Sale: 90% Off Samples, $99 Shoes

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The Rebecca Taylor sample sale officially kicks off this morning at 10am, but we checked out the goods at last night's preview to bring you a full report. And although it's advertised as a 75% off sale, we spotted items at up to 90% off.

The true samples are in the back beside the dressing room—these are the first racks you should hit up. Sample prices start at just $20 for knit tops and go up to $100 for outerwear. And unlike some samples we've seen at other sales, most pieces here are in wearable condition—though a few garments have minor rips or missing zippers, so inspect before you buy.

Highlights in the sample section include a lambskin pencil skirt (there were a few of them left last night) for $30, silk tops (also $30), a lovely sequined gown for $75 and Taylor's signature tweed-and-leather jackets for $75. We also found full leather or leather combo dresses for only $50 and soft cashmere pullovers for $40. Sample sizing might run small for some of the styles, but there were a few larger sizes in the mix.

Your next stop should be the shoe section right next to the sample racks. All shoes are $99. There are over 15 footwear styles to shop, including Yvette ballet flats, Concetta sandals and black leather booties perfect for fall. Sizes run between six and ten, but it's limited for a few of the styles.

All accessories are $29. We spotted some gold jewelry with original price tags of over $300. Other extras include orange leather belts, cashmere snoods and beanies as wellas tights, which can be found in plastic bins. There are a few coffee table books—like Kate: The Kate Moss Book and Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People—sprinkled throughout the accessories area.

Handbags are $59 but we only saw one lone green purse. There were, however, a bunch of leopard print coin purses, zipper wallets and pouches, as well as a group of coral pouches.

In the ready-to-wear section, everything is organized by size and style. Pricing is straightforward. T-shirts are $59, blouses are $89, sweatshirts and sweaters are $99, dresses are $129, black tie gowns are $179, skirts are $80, pants are $99, jackets are $169 and outerwear is $199. All leather pieces are $299.

Some styles will be restocked. The sale runs through Saturday, November 15th. Cash and credit cards are accepted. See the Dealfeed below for more details.—Hsini

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