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Hurry Before You Miss the $25 Sample Shoes at Tibi's Sale

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Today's Tibi sample sale shoppers began their day with one priority and one priority only: sample shoes. The notorious bin of $25 sample footwear is back, and seems to be the first item on everyone's agenda (and it should be on yours too, provided there are any left).

As soon as you check your coat, go straight to into the main sample sale space and turn left, where you'll find a room dedicated to shoes. The samples are in boxes organized by size range, and while there are two boxes dedicated to sizes 39 through 40.5, the boxes for the other sizes appear to be bigger so we'd say that it seems like there's no clear advantage here, based on what size you wear. That said, there are also some sample shoes on the far left side of the tables that hold the sale's regular shoe stock. These might be your best bet because they're also $25 per pair, but since you have to ask for them instead of grabbing them yourself, they seemed to garner less attention. Also worth noting: these styles are there because they are available in multiple sizes, whereas the sample bins are mostly one offs (though some pairs are identical to the main shoes on offer). That said, there were definitely people leaving the sale with 10 pairs of sample shoes each.

The normal footwear options are nothing to sneeze at either. Despite being the sale's most expensive shoe at $150, the cut-out booties were already running low as of this morning, as were other assorted styles (a dedicated assortment of almost-size-40 women tried to make the lone pair of $75 white mules work, to no avail). There are also many styles appropriate for both upcoming holiday parties and storing until the summer, with strappy sandals going for $75 and open-toed heels for $125. Do note that booties with heels seem to be considered boots, not heels, for the purposes of this sale.

Not to be left out, there were also $25 bins of clothing in the center of the room (which is quite spacious) that people were excitedly digging through. This is the highlight of the clothing section for sure, and seemed to attract the bulk of the shoppers. We did spot a few damages here, but many items looked to be in great shape, and worth sorting through if you're willing to dig.

The remainder of the clothing is well-organized and arranged generally by type, with skirts ($75) occupying the racks towards the front of the room and coats ($195) and jackets ($150) towards the back. Many of the clothes on these racks have their retail price tags, which is helpful if you want to know exactly what kind of a deal you're getting. Based on what we saw, people were looking more for dresses ($75 for day, $125 for night) than anything else, but there are a lot of options to consider. Plus (a big plus), despite the crowd Tibi organizers managed to make things seem not too hectic (it helped that there were about five check-out staffers manning the registers when we were heading out).

Restocking is expected to continue throughout (including samples!), and markdowns will be added daily. There were also coupons at the register for an additional 20% off your purchase, if you come back on Thursday, November 13th (though staff said markdowns could be expected the final day of the sale, this coupon says "New Samples and Additional Discounts Daily", so make of that what you will). Based on this, we'd recommend stopping by for a coupon and scoping out what may still be left come Thursday.

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