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The Louboutin Sample Sale Is Behind These Papered Windows

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Yes, the rumors are true. The Christian Louboutin sample sale is on—but only for those who can prove that they were invited. It's taking place behind the unmarked papered windows seen above (the infamous decoy sign is absent) that a lobby attendant in the office building marked 307 West 38th Street was happy to point out to us, next to a bicycle shop. But the road ends there—if you ask the security guard standing out front who looks like he's on a break for entry, he'll summon an iPad-wielding woman from inside looking to verify your identity.

When we stopped by at lunchtime today, sightings included a willowy blonde model who was swiftly ushered inside with a flash of her smartphone and a trio of women who were having trouble finding their invitations (or "invitations") from Oscar de la Renta. Even if you have the name of someone who was invited that you were planning to sneak in with, don't bother—repeats won't be allowed in.

While it was impossible to see past the coat racks when the doors were open, we did spy a woman who had trouble carrying the massive brown bags she exited with—with at least three boxes in each bag.

The woman at the door told us that the sale won't be open to the public—not even on Friday—but it's hard to trust whether that's actually true. We'll be checking back later this week to see if the door policies are loosened. And if anyone has actually made it inside, let us know what you find!

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Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

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