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This Activewear Pop-Up Shop Is Not For Health Goths

Photo: Bandier
Photo: Bandier

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The Bandier pop-up shop, which is affixed with feel-good fitness mottos like "Strong is the new sexy" and "Self confidence is the best accessory, rock it and own it" is now open in the Flatiron District, and it is definitely not for health goths. But when one fitness subculture gets a win (Alexander Wang x H&M, anyone?), its polar opposite apparently does, too.

The luxury fitness boutique, which sells brands like Under Armour, Nesh, Alala, and VPL, will be open daily at 915 Broadway through January, and has a "bra bar", a yoga section, trunk shows each weekend by a smaller labels, and an Affirmation Wall where fit girls can create their very own #positive mottos.
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915 Broadway, New York, NY 10010