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Rumormongering: & Other Stories MIGHT Open Tomorrow

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We knew H&M's slightly higher-priced sister brand & Other Stories would be opening on a Friday—we just didn't know that there's a chance that could mean this Friday, as in tomorrow.

Despite official word from store reps—and some very clear signage—that & Other Stories would be opening October 17th at 12pm, an article in WWD yesterday implied that it may debut one week ahead of schedule.

On Thursday evening at about 4:30pm, we peeked behind the store's semi-sheer curtains and spotted at least ten retail workers helping to clean and organize merchandise. From what we could see, the displays looked awfully customer-ready. No one answered the door, however, which was locked.

But at least we know what the inside of the store looks like—expect lots of potted plants, minimalist black and white display cases, and wooden hangers. Plus, there will reportedly be two separate entrances: the main one on Broadway that will attract a "mixed audience, including tourists," and another on Mercer Street, situated amongst luxury storefronts.

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& Other Stories

575 Broadway, New York, NY