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How The Sweat Life Is Changing the Way NYC Sees Wellness

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Photo: Chris Fanning /<a href="">The Sweat Life</a></span></p>
Photo: Chris Fanning /The Sweat Life

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Welcome to Workout Wednesday: every hump-day, we'll be rounding up some of the city's hottest fitness trends and studios.

"We believe that there's no best workout, there's no best diet, there's no best body—there's only what's best for you, and we're going to give you the tools to help you find that," Aly Teich told Racked recently. The New York native, with long brown hair, the envious build of your favorite barre instructor, and a low, husky voice, is on a mission to show New Yorkers the best healthy options our city has to offer with her new website, The Sweat Life—and she's doing it all on camera.

Its highlight is a weekly video series inside New York's boutique fitness studios. "We capture the experience of the workout, which is very hard to do in a written article with a few photos," Teich explained, since they can't offer "the energy of the instructor" or the vibe of the place. "You don't get that experience until you get to see it, and we offer that."

A ten-year background in media and entertainment, plus a personal expertise in all things wellness, makes Teich the perfect host for these videos. "We're not like some other sites that are there to say what's better than something else," she said. "We just want to help these guys put their best foot forward, whether it's someone as well known as Barry's Bootcamp … or some really great under-the-radar spots that people haven't found out about yet."

Everything's been personally tested by Teich before an episode is filmed, and so far The Sweat Life is only covering what it endorses. "I really believe all fitness is good fitness, but if I feel like something is going to hurt people, or it's really negative for you, then I'm not going to cover it at this point."

Aside from the studio visits, The Sweat Life has a series of articles covering everything in the health spectrum: Along with Teich's personal articles, there's verticals for food, fashion, beauty, technology and lots more. There's even sections dedicated to men's fitness and parenting, plus a brand-new video where Teich gets acupuncture—performed by her brother (don't worry, he's licensed for it).

Coming up? Look forward to lots more videos, including at the aforementioned Barry's, City Row, barre studios, and more. But for now, check out a recent episode from Tone House, featuring one of this year's hottest trainer contestants: Alonzo Wilson.

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