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#NotAllMen and More Amazing Costumes at HallowMeme

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Photos: Vlad for Racked

Last night, over 600 of Brooklyn's most Internet-obsessed citizens descended upon Bell House for a night of pure nerdery at the 6th annual HallowMeme party, and Racked was there to document the whole shebang. Though "Media Criticism of Renée Zellweger's Face" won the top prize in the costume contest (#NotAllMen and Kermit the Frog Sips Tea came in second and third, respectively), there were tons of other amazing costumes, including Pinterest Bride, a Vox Explainer, Dumb Starbucks Barista, Funeral Selfie, more than one No It's Becky, and basically the entire emoji library. Check out all the action above.

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