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Three Vintage Stores, Three Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

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Welcome to Dress Code, a feature where we pick a New York event and ask three of our favorite shops to solve the what-do-I-even-wear-to-that dilemma.

A sneak peek at Screaming Mimi's frolicking-through-the-forest look.

Halloween is tomorrow—everybody panic! If you're still costume-less, avoid the mosh pit that is Ricky's on October 30th, and head to one of our favorite vintage stores instead. We tapped Antoinette, Screaming Mimi's, and Rosebud to put together three eleventh-hour Halloween looks that guarantee you won't run into your costume-twin at this weekend's parties.

Where: Antoinette
Who: An Orange Is the New Black Inmate
What: Vintage 1970's orange jumpsuit (size 4), $75; Antoinette tote (for your candy!), $10
Why: "We chose this look for Halloween because all the ladies here at the shop are obsessed with the show Orange is the New Black," Antoinette owner Lexi Oliveri says. "This vintage 1970's orange jumpsuit couldn't be any more perfect. After all isn't it the best feeling to find something vintage for Halloween, and not out of bag? Plus, after Halloween you get to wear it again with a denim jacket & some heels."

Where: Screaming Mimi's
Who: A Woodland Fairy
What: Woodland Fairy costume created by designer Savannah Wyatt exclusively for Screaming Mimi's, $550
Why: "Our Halloween inspiration this year was 'Enchanted Forest,'" says owner Laura Wills. "I approached three young, talented designers and asked them to let their imaginations run wild and create custom masquerades for us. I love the whimsical and ethereal look of this fairy costume by Savannah Wyatt. It's sexy and sweet at the same time."

Where: Rosebud Vintage
Who: A Sexy Swashbuckler
What: 1940's costume jacket from the Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa, Florida, $278; silk Balinese batik scarf, $78; Zengin for Rosebud Vintage necklace, $328; 1950's custom steerhide motorcycle pants, $298; 1970's Zodiac cowboy boots, $148; various bracelets and rings, prices available upon request
Why: "With sexy costumes as far as the eye can see, why not be truly sexy this Halloween?" Rosebud's owner Melise Ozkardesler says, "Yes, I'm talking about being a pirate. The original eccentric fashionistas, pirates get to be creative with their accessories, and curse like salty sailors. Some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are fit for a swashbuckling life on the high seas, so why not bring it out in full force for Halloween?"

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