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Under Armour's Sample Sale Is Stocked With Cold-Weather Gear

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The Under Armour sample sale opens today at 260 Fifth Avenue, and the floor is packed with activewear for men and women looking to work out both indoors and outdoors in the coming months. The discounts range depending on what you pick up because everything is priced by category, so there are both great steals and some deals that are just okay—but considering the fact that a lot of merch looks current, you're still paying less than you would at the Under Armour store in Soho.

The women's clothing is divided by category, beginning with outerwear near the entrance. You'll find jackets in basic black and neon yellow for $89.99 and hoodies, vests, and warm-up tops for $39.99. The aisle over is where to find tons of leggings, cropped and full-length, in all sorts of colors and prints for $29.99, and studio bottoms for $39.99.

Then comes the tanks for $18.99, tees and shorts for $19.99, and long-sleeved tops for $29.99 (note that most of these are made of "charged cotton" and not a quick-dry material). Studio tops are also $29.99, and studio jackets are $54.99.

Women's accessories are towards the back, with bins filled with sports bras for $19.99, beanies and caps for $14.99, socks and headbands for $7.99, and thongs for $4.99. There are also a few bins filled with gym bags—they come in a range of sizes and will cost you $49.99.

In the men's section, guys will find everything from boxers to golf pants. In the outerwear section, jackets are $89.99, which are a good deal considering an original price tag on one of them was marked $199.99. We also noticed puffer vests for $69.99 that retail for $149.99.

There are tons of men's tanks and tees for $19.99, and bins filled with boxers for $14.99. Base layer bottoms are $24.99, and golf pants are $49.99. Golfers can also pick up polos in every color for $29.99.

Make sure you know your size before heading to the sale—there are no fitting rooms (or mirrors). On the bright side, there's extra stock on all the styles already out on the floor. The sale runs through Sunday—check the gallery above for a ton of pictures, and the Dealfeed below for more info.
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260 Sample Sale

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