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The Bonpoint Sample Sale Is Loaded With Warm Winter Gear

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The Bonpoint sample sale officially opens today at Metropolitan Pavilion, where fans of the high-end French children's brand can find apparel at discounts of up to 60% off. We checked out the preview yesterday, which happened to be a lot calmer than usual; moms took their time shopping the fully loaded sales floor.

This season's sale is pretty incredible, especially if your kids are still in need of a winter wardrobe. There are tons of warm and cozy clothes for kids of all ages—more than we've seen at any of the past sales.

Sizes here range from layette (one month) to YAM (young miss). This time, there is an equal amount of boys' and girls' clothing, so mothers with little boys can rest easy—there will more than likely be pieces for you to pick up.

There are teeny tiny sets and adorable little blouses for the really little ones (12 months and under)—just be prepared to drop over $100 bucks for a coverall or two-piece knit set. Size 12m and up is where to find things that an adult could only dream of fitting into. For boys, there are bright blue parkas for $226, sweaters and cardigans starting at $60, and corduroys in every color at $58. There's also tons of denim in every size and color for about $60.

There are plenty of cords for the girls too, to in bright pinks and burgundies, along with adorable dresses in a variety of prints for around$100, furry vests for $144, and blouses for around $52. We nearly fainted over a $240 shearling and tweed jacket—it was that sick.

There are also lots of accessories like hats, scarves, tights, socks, gloves, messenger bags, and even iPhone cases. Here, we picked up a scarf that cost $72 and a boys' messenger bag that was $94.

Shoes are piled high on tables towards the back, with styles that include red leopard printed party shoes for $110 and lace-up boots for $156. Unfortunately, there's nothing available for sizes 19 through 22, but many styles for kids in every other size. And for any woman that feels like shopping for herself and just so happens to be a size 7, try and find the pair of patent leather booties we tried on but ended up passing over—big mistake on our part.

There will be no restocking, but there's plenty out on the floor in every size. And since many of the shoppers ended up putting back most of their pieces after sorting through their amassed piles of clothes, it's always worth it to stick around to see if something you were eying ends up back on the tables—we've seen people get lucky.

The sale runs through Thursday. Check out the gallery above for plenty of pictures (with pricing), and see the Dealfeed below for more details on sale times.—Claudia Saide

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