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Pixie Market's Moving Sale Is A Must For Store Diehards

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Pixie Market's moving sale kicked off at noon today, and to say the deals are great would be an understatement: Clothing is either $20, $30, $40, or $60, and even more markdowns are on the way. For fans of the store (and there are a lot of you), it's a must-shop.

Clothes are helpfully organized by size: extra smalls are on the immediate left upon entering, while larges are by the back wall near the dressing rooms (which are closed during the sale, though shoppers were anything but shy about trying on clothes in front of the mirrors).

Merchandise is similar to what you've seen in the store if you've been recently—a good mix of sporty and girly styles, including mock varsity jackets, bedazzled holiday party dresses, colorful mini skirts, structured tops, fashion raincoats, overalls, and pastel matching sets we could easily see on Taylor Swift.

Shoes, which skew towards larger sizes, are likely to be the last pairs in stock, meaning they're crazy cheap: Most are going for $30 a pair. Sunglasses are all $10, and there's a small basket by the counter for $5 trinkets, including pearl rings and sparkly ear cuffs.

Staff says further reductions will arrive within the next week or so, and the final day (November 2nd) will have even more insanely low prices. They'll also be restocking throughout the sale, although an employee told us that the best stuff is likely to come out sooner rather than later. To get a sense of the current prices and selection, click through the slideshow.

Update: A tipster reminded us to inform you that the sale is cash only, so be sure to stop by the bank beforehand.

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