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So Much Chanel, Louis Vuitton at the What Goes Around Sale

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Update: As of Thursday, October 23rd, all Chanel and Hermès products are an additional 20% off their warehouse sale prices. Original pricing is listed below.

What Goes Around Comes Around's warehouse sale kicks off today, but we got an early preview last night at the luxury merchandise that's discounted up to 90% off, which includes clothing and accessories for both women and men. And while prices remain high for designer goods—as expected—stop by this sale if you have the money to spare because the stock is so good. So good.

Without a doubt, the highlight of this sale is the selection of accessories, especially the bags—the place is practically overflowing with Chanel and Louis Vuitton. With the assistance of a staff member, we saw five Chanel 2.55 bags ranging in price from $2,950 to $3,300 (every item is individually priced). In total, there's about three dozen Chanel bags in a variety of styles here.

For Louis Vuitton, we spotted wallets for $250, various sizes of Deauville bags ranging in price from $495 to $1350, messenger bags for $950, backpacks for $495—$695, Speedy 25 and 30 bags for $450, and Speedy 40 bags for $650.

While most of these bags are on shelves lining the walls (and include Gucci and Fendi), there's also two large tables with more bags. Here you'll find Dior and Coach on one table, and a great selection of men's bags, weekenders, and suitcases on the the other. Strong pieces include a gorgeous Gucci suitcase, a Bottega Veneta suitcase for $2,500, a Louis Vuitton green weekender for $1,950, and a brown Hermès tote for $3,750.

Jewelry is displayed in glass cases—two contain solely Chanel, one contains Hermès, and the last has a mixture from Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. For Chanel, you'll see everything—necklaces, earrings, wrist cuffs, watches, chain belts and bracelets. We saw some earrings in the $700 price range, belts for about $900, and a necklace for $1,750. Hermès, on the other hand, only had wallets, bracelets, and watches.

In the womenswear section, clothing is categorized by style. There's a great selection of bad-ass unisex concert tees ($20) worth taking a look at. We also spotted tons of other summery, bohemian vintage tops for $30—$50 and dresses for $75. Vintage highlights included matching silk leopard top and bottoms ($75 and $50, respectively) that are so ugly that they're fabulous.

For fall, there's plenty of rocker, military-esque tops that echo Balmain's recent collection, like studded olive green khaki shirts for $40—$50. Knit cardigans are $50, and vests are $40. There's also a huge selection of Western-style shirts, but at $40 for styles you can find essentially anywhere, skip over these. We didn't see much for bottoms, but do keep a lookout for studded shorts and skirts.

There's an entire section dedicated to fur, with two racks filled with coats and vests of various pelts, including mink. If you're looking to channel Penny Lane from Almost Famous, check out WGACA's selection of shaggy Mongolian sheep coats in white and brown for $350. Other items include colorful vests in Versace-esque purple and blue for $150, leopard-printed fur coats for $150—250, white rabbit fur coats for $150, and red-fur trimmed jackets for $100.

Most fox coats ranged in price from $1,200 to $1,950. As for mink, it's available in white, light brown, dark brown and black, and most coats fell between $750 and $,1350.

For non-fur outwear options, there's tweed-like blazers for $75—100 and red plaid checkered mid-length pea coats for $100. Keep an eye out for leatherwear—highlights here include vests for $150, a green jacket for $100, and black bomber jackets for $250.

While most of this sale is dedicated to womenswear and women's accessories, the selection of menswear is also pretty great. Upon entry to the left are men's leather jackets for $100—$250—the older (read: cracked) jackets are on the cheaper end of that range, but they looked just as cool as the newer-looking ones.

For guys looking for tops, there's plenty of flannel, navy-striped tunics, Western-style patchwork shirts, solid-colored button-downs, and sweater vests to go around. However, at $50—$75 for basic styles that you can find anywhere else, your money would be better spent on one of the leather jackets or long-sleeved tees and T-shirts priced at $20. The latter are organized in bins by size and they're located below the rack of men's jackets.

There's no fitting rooms here, and the sale runs through Sunday. Check out the Dealfeed below for more information. —Gemma Kim
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