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What These Ricky's Costumes Should Actually Be Called

Photos: Ricky's NYC; Right: <a href="http://favim.com/image/9014/">Favim</a>
Photos: Ricky's NYC; Right: Favim

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We're halfway through October, which means it's time to peer into the multitude of Ricky's Halloween pop-up shops and discover what polyestered bounty awaits. Sure, there are always the usual staples—sexy nurses, aggressively unsexy clowns, lame puns personified—along with a few references to the most visible pop cultural happenings of the past twelve months (Frozen is a favorite this year).

But because so much of what Ricky's Halloween stores sell can be qualified as "um, what are you, even?" we decided to analyze some of the chain's more ambiguous looks. Here are 12 inexplicable Ricky's costumes, explained.

Right: Wikipedia
Ricky's name: Teenager's Hipster Alice in Wonderland Costume
Actual name: Teen on Cusp of Excruciating 4-Year Hot Topic Phase

Right: Favim
Ricky's name: Star Wars Princess Leia Costume for Women
Actual name: Liz Lemon at Jury Duty

Right: Theresa Caputo
Ricky's name: Spice Girl Power Women's Posh Costume
Actual name: Long Island Medium Forseeing Self As Brunette

Right: Urban Remains
Ricky's name: Adult Oscar the Grouch
Actual name: Unattended Garbage Can Spewing Fuzzy Green Mold

Right: Daily Mail
Ricky's name: Pink Ladies Gang Grease Jacket Costume
Actual name: Kris Jenner Attempting to Time Travel

Right: PopSugar
Ricky's name: Deluxe Ghost Women's Cape
Actual name: Woman Unsure Whether It's Too Soon To Tell Friends She's Pregnant

Ricky's name: Premium Rabbit White Costume
Actual name: Actual Plushie Who Just Happened to Forget That It's Halloween

Ricky's name: Adult Ice Queen Sexy Costume
Actual name: Elsa from Frozen, According to Someone Who Has Never Seen Frozen

Ricky's name: Adult Haute Hare Sexy Costume
Actual name: Woman Struggling to Explain How Her Sexy Bunny Costume Is Actually An Ironic Appropriation of a Sexy Halloween Costumes

Right: Wikipedia
Ricky's name: Men's Red Slipknot Uniform Costume
Actual name: Mall Goth on a Dippin' Dots Run

Ricky's name: Big Top Clown Unisex Costume
Actual name: Couple Taking Extreme Stance Against Sexy Costumes

Ricky's name: The Shocker Costume for Men
Actual name: The Worst Human You Will Ever Meet In Your Entire Life

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