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Ditch Work and Go Shop the Three-Hour Dannijo Sample Sale

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Beware of sparkle-related eye strain upon entering Dannijo's sunny new showroom, where for just three hours, starting at 5pm, the designers are hosting a sample sale that starts at an even cheaper price than we originally reported—if you head over early, you'll find T-shirts, collars and chokers for just $5.

Naturally, most of the jewelry there costs more than that, with the bulk of merchandise in the $100 to $200 range. Pieces are handily organized in bins, with prices labeled by sticker color: Orange-tagged items are $25 to $75, blue are $100, red are $150, green are $200, yellow are $250, gold are $300, and purple are $400.

Jewelry was well-stocked (especially the statement necklaces, most of which run from $200 to $400). In most cases, there was more than one of everything, and all of it seemed to be in great shape.

Towards the back windows, there's a decent, albeit expensive, selection of handbags, which includes clutches ($250), embellished clutches ($350), small cross-body bags ($300), medium cross-body bags ($350), and totes ($350).

The two best parts of the sale? First, it's extremely well-staffed—it's a small room and there were at least seven employees there to help. Second, it's stocked with miscellany, including delightfully kitschy Dannijo tees from past years ($5), iPhone cases ($30), and wall art that appeared to have been thrifted ($25, cash only).

In other words, there are plenty of reasons why you should definitely ditch work right now and head over before your three hours are up.

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