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Forever 21 in Times Square Fined for Messiness

Photo by Brian Harkin
Photo by Brian Harkin

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The jumbo-sized Forever 21 in Times Square is the recipient of some serious finger-wagging. Crain's New York reports that the location has been heavily fined by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration for unsafe work conditions, including not being "clean and orderly." But honestly, when have you ever seen it look anything close to "clean and orderly?"

On a serious note, other violations included "uncovered fluorescent lights" and "obstructed exits," which could clearly lead to some scary situations in an emergency. "It is unacceptable for Forever 21 to continue repeating these violations, which are common among retailers, and put workers at serious risk," OSHA administrator Robert Kulick said in a statement.

Sadly, this isn't the first time that Forever 21 has received these complaints. The Times Square store was also fined in 2012 for lights and blocked exits. (oh, and in 2011, the ceiling fell down.)

Combined with fines from the Paramus, NJ store for similar violations, the retailer owes $236,500. And in case you were wondering, you could buy nearly 18,500 leopard print dresses for that amount, which is enough to clothe the population of Augusta, Maine.
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