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An Easy At-Home Bikini Wax for the Brave

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Today's Editor's Pick comes from Racked NY editor Tiffany Yannetta

A smattering of Completely Bare hair removal products

I was introduced to the world of bikini waxing this past summer, and have vowed to make it a part of my beauty routine going forward. I recommend leaving the task to a patient professional, but since—as I've come to learn—hair doesn't always grow back at the same speed, you might need a touch-up in-between appointments.

I recently bought the Completely Bare Hypo-Allergenic Wax Strips because they're cheap ($12.99) and looked pretty easy. Once you get over the fear of ripping out your own hair, it's a piece of cake. A few tips: you're supposed to rub the wax strips in your hands to warm them up, but since my palms aren't naturally that sweaty I rest them on a hot radiator for a few minutes. I also recommend grabbing a good mirror and taking a shot of JaMo before you start.
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