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The Pilgrimage to Loehmann's Bronx Location Is Not Worth It

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With Loehmann's closing after ninety-three years, we decided to pay homage to the history of the chain by making a final pilgrimage to the place that's become synonymous with its heritage—the Bronx. While Frieda Loehmann actually opened the first Loehmann's store in Brooklyn, for many of its early years the only place you could shop at a Loehmann's was in the Bronx—and that's still where they have their headquarters. After hearing rumors that their Riverdale location's liquidation selection was less picked over than any of their other New York stores, we headed north to investigate. Be glad we checked it out, so you don't have to.

Loehmann's Riverdale has an even worse selection of garments remaining than either of its Manhattan counterparts. The Chelsea store, soon to be Barneys, is practically already Barneys, by comparison. The Bronx store barely has any coats and not too many shoes. And if you are looking for designer clothing there is literally just a handful. You won't need both of your hands, unless it's to do repairs on the garments—like a beat up orange St. John's gown in a size 16, which is still selling for more than $200.

Prices here (and at all of the chain's locations), are mostly the same as they were last week, but with a couple of new reductions. Almost all of the clearance items are now reduced to 40% off the lowest ticketed price—aside from a few pieces, which are now 70% off. All shoes are now considered clearance, so those prices are now actually fairly low.

Most cocktail dresses are now 30% off, while most other dresses are still 20% off. Coats are still 40% off, and we hear that Loehmann's Chelsea just got in a batch of suede and shearling coats. Men's clothing ranges from 20% to 40% off and women's purses range from 10% to 30% off the lowest ticketed price. Contemporary clothing is still at 10% off, while most designer pieces (which you can still find in Loehmann's other New York stores), are 20% off.

If you really like to scavenge—or you just want to say good-bye to the Bronx location—getting to the Riverdale store is fairly easy. It's right near the 1 train, or if you've got a car, there is a large parking lot. Just don't drink any water before you go—both the men's and the women's bathrooms are suspiciously "Out of order"—as are the bathrooms for both genders at the McDonald's across the street—where the Loehmann's staff is now pointlessly directing their customers.
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Loehmann's Riverdale

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