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Another CrossFit Operating Without Permits, Annoying Neighbors

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Photo via Ammentorp Photography/Shutterstock.
Photo via Ammentorp Photography/Shutterstock.

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It sounds like Brick in Chelsea isn't the only CrossFit gym operating without the proper permits. Like Brick, noise complaints from neighbors of the Upper West Side's CrossFit NYC box unveiled that the fitness studio was operating without the necessary Physical Culture Establishment permit.

The local community board has shot down the gym's request for a permit. "You have stretched credibility, good sense and good neighborliness," said Community Board 7 member Ethel Sheffer. "You give us reports that are seven sentences long and have no data. Whose time are you wasting when you couldn't even do the elementary findings?" Members of the gym and the community board are working to delay CrossFit NYC's January 28th hearing before the Department of Buildings in hopes of coming to an agreement.
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