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How New York City's Juice Cleanse Packages Compare

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Welcome to Racked's Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

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We're living in a New York City where Liquiteria will replace Gray's Papaya. Times are juicy, and the market is responding with not only a swarm of juice bars, but an avalanche of cleanse options—including an increase in cleanses that include (gasp!) food.

After the jump, we've broken down 12 of New York City's juice cleanse options. You'll find a rundown of each package offered, what it will cost per day, and where to track down the liquid veggies that will—God willing—change your life.

BluePrintCleanse at Exhale
Packages offered: Three different levels of six-juice cleanses. There's also the Exhale Spa Package ($295), which marries your three day cleanse with three classes at Exhale and a "healing spa therapy."
Price per day: $65
Location: Exhale Spa locations at 980 Madison Avenue, 200 E 66th Street, 150 Central Park South

Juice Press
Packages offered: A range of packages are available, some with food (raw oatmeal! Kale salads!) and others that are six to eight juices per day. The Basic 6 Juice cleanse is a mix of veggies and fruit.
Price per day: The Basic 6 Juice cleanse is $60 per day, but other options range from $33 for a half-day cleanse to $75 for an eight juice cleanse.
Location: Juice Press has a whole mess of NYC outposts, with even more on the way.

Heartbeet Juicery
Packages offered: Light Hearted (four juices, a smoothie, and a nut milk), Full Hearted (five green juices and a nut milk), and Juice 'Til Dinner (three juices, one lemonade, one smoothie, and one nut milk—then you eat your own dinner).
Price per day: $55 for Juice 'Til Dinner, $65 for Light or Full Hearted
Location: 85 Stanton Street, Lower East Side; 630 Flushing Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Tiny Empire
Packages offered: A five juice option and a seven juice option. Each day ends with an almond milk, so it's really six and eight.
Price per day: $57 for five, $77 for seven
Location: 142 N 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Squeeze
Packages offered: Main Squeeze (six juices, one booster), Steady Squeeze (seven juice, one booster), Soft Squeeze (five juices, 1 booster, 1 meal), and the Squeezewich (three meals, three juices, one elixir, one booster).
Price per day: $59 for the Main or Steady options, $69 for the Soft Squeeze, and $75 for the Squeezewich. If you order before the 30th, use the code 2014 for 20% off your cleanse.
Location: The Mercedes Club, 550 W 54th Street; 225 Liberty Street; food truck at Union Square West and 17th Street

Packages offered: Three levels of all-juice cleanses and a Juice 'Til Dinner option. Annual memberships and custom cleanses are also available.
Price per day: $55 for Juice 'Til Dinner, $49—$65 per day for all juice cleanses.
Location: 170 Second Avenue, East Village; 102 Eighth Avenue, Chelsea

Juice Generation
Packages offered: Design your own daily six pack or pick up their Juice For a Day package. Save 15% on online orders when you buy two copies for their new book, The Juice Generation.
Price per day: $58
Location: Eleven Manhattan locations and one in Williamsburg

Organic Avenue
Packages offered: OA offers four levels: Easy, Fast, Deep, and Green. The first two levels include food (it's raw and vegan, but it's food) while the Deep level is liquids only and Green is, well, all green juice. Turn your Deep cleanse into a Beauty cleanse by tacking on "a Tata Harper detoxifying facial kit." Try a Community Cleanse for moral support.
Price per day: The Community Cleanse is five days at $50 per day (only available for the Fast and Deep levels). The Easy and Fast cleanses are $195 for three days, or $65 per day. The Deep cleanse is $180 for three days, or $60 per day (it's $63.33 per day with the Beauty upgrade). Greens only will run you $210 for three days, which is $70 per day.
Location: Ten Manhattan boutiques, with more on the way.

The Butcher's Daughter
Packages offered: Light Rinse (four juices and two raw meals), Reboot (four juices, a smoothie, and a raw meal), Deep Clean (four juices and a smoothie) are offered, as well as a custom option. Choose one, three, or five days.
Price per day: A single day will run you $55, the five day option cuts the cost down to $50 per day.
Location: 19 Kenmare Street, Nolita

Packages offered: This newbie on Sixth Avenue is offering a Winter Reboot which focuses more on bolstering the immune system than detoxing. It's available in three, five, and seven day sessions and includes three juices, one bee pollen water, a winter veggie soup, and a mushroom tonic.
Price per day: Three days goes for $120, or $40 per day. The seven day program breaks down to just $35 per day.
Location: 496 Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Village

One Lucky Duck
Packages offered: There are two "not just juice" cleanses to pick from: Glow (for weight maintenance) and Shine (designed for weight loss). Menus include vegan delights like lasagna and sushi rolls in addition to green juices and shakes. Both cleanse levels are available in three, seven, and ten day packages.
Price per day: Through January 15th, a three day Shine cleanse will go for $209 (regularly $234), which is just under $70 per day. Prices go up from there, with the most expensive options coming in at $660 for the Glow ten day cleanse (normally $710), which would be $66 per day.
Location: 125 E 17th Street, Gramercy

Packages offered: A cleanse from this Brooklyn newcomer includes five juices, two shots, one coconut water, and a salad.
Price per day: Normally, $85 per day, they've knocked the price to $60 as part of a new year promotion.
Location: 155 South 4th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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