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Songs to Sweat to: Two Playlists From Lyons Den Power Yoga

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Welcome to Racked's Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Jessica Willis at Lyons Den Power Yoga

Training with an instructor at a group fitness class is like working out with a super fit friend who, hopefully, has great taste in music. Trying to replicate those playlists at-home is another story, which is why we'll be posting one a day from some of the city's best studios. Yesterday's was courtesy of Body & Pole; today's is from Lyons Den Power Yoga.

Instructors Jessica Willis and Terri Bahr incorporate just about everything into their playlists, from old-school classics like "Wild Horses" and "Tiny Dancer" to indie singer-songwriters like Iron & Wine and Bon Iver. (A$AP Rocky also makes an appearance.) See both after the jump, as well as what each instructor has to say about the importance of a good soundtrack.

Jessica Willis: When I make a playlist, I like to take into account what kind of mood I'm setting for the students. I want the music I choose to have reflective, playful, nostalgic, and meditative qualities. In this playlist, I play with some new music that I like because it's always good to try on new things. It's also laced with some iconic voices that any person could recognize, and some songs that are wordless with really beautiful instrumentation. In this way, the music itself aids the intrinsic flow of the practice. Like life, it's a journey we embark on together for an hour.

Terri Bahr: Just like a class, playlists have to flow. Music is powerful, and I choose songs that inspire my students to get more connected to their bodies so they can naturally flow and move. I keep in mind that the playlist should work with the specific flow of the Baptiste sequences we teach at Lyons Den; with a warm up, peaks, then tapering off at the end. I choose a combination of songs that create a sense of playful, yet powerful energy.

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