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The Saks Consolidation Sale Has a Lot Less Merch Than Usual

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This season's Saks Consolidation Sale seems more picked through than ever. We were there on opening day yesterday browsing the racks, and found a significantly smaller selection than last July's sale. Though there is a lot of Stella McCartney and Jil Sander, it's slim pickins' for The Row and Saint Laurent. Before you head over, read on for an account on what's left.

The sale is being held on the ninth floor, as per usual, but before heading up we took a peek at the bags, now on five. Most of the merchandise must have disappeared at the Saks After Christmas sale, but there is a selection that includes Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, a bit of Chloé, and an entire display filled with green Stella McCartney bags. The discount on bags ranges from 30% off to 60% off of retail. An oversized Jimmy Choo studded leather purse was half off at $897.50, and there was a cute Chloé shoulder bag for $1,997.50.

Up on nine, what we anticipated was certainly not what we found. Unlike last season's sale, this one is way smaller. There were just as many racks, and the same great designers, just a lot less clothing. The 70% discount is wonderful—if you can find something to your liking. Jil Sander and Stella McCartney fans should absolutely make a trip here, as their racks were still pretty full. There was also a lot of Marni, but overall their sizes were on the larger end only.

There were some hidden gems, like a single pair of Chloé leather sweatpants, size 34, for $779, and a striped Proenza Schouler sweater for $225. But then there were some really strange leftovers, like a $1,110 cropped Marc Jacobs paillette and fox fur jacket. Overall, it looks like a lot of the good stuff has already been spoken for.

Before we headed out, we naturally stopped at the shoe floor. The selection looks like its been picked through countless times, but the deal is pretty sweet at 60% off retail prices. There was no Chanel—that always goes first—but we did see Saint Laurent sneakers for $228, python Nicholas Kirkwood booties for $676, and black and white Miu Miu pumps for $270. Consider going now, or waiting to see if the shoes get further marked down, as they typically do.
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