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Walgreens the Most Likely to Implement Willy Nilly Pricing

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East Village Walgreens via <a href="">laverrue</a>/Flickr
East Village Walgreens via laverrue/Flickr

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Paying more or less for the same item at various New York City drugstores is an everday occurrence, but in a new study picked up today by the NYDN, it happens the most at Walgreens. As it turns out, the chain is the most likely (compared with CVS and Rite Aid, with Duane Reade absent) to charge whatever they want per item. Just kidding—they're only upping the price on your disposable razors to "reflect the costs of doing business in the neighborhoods we serve as well as any nearby retail competition."

The study, conducted by the National Consumers League and Change to Win Retail Initiatives, found that "prices on a pack of Claritin differed by $4.50 at two midtown Walgreens locations." One thing you might want to keep in mind while restocking your supply of toilet paper: Walgreens flagships typically charge 20% more than other locations.
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