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Deeply Discounted Goods at the Pixie Market Sample Sale

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A handful of dedicated shoppers were carefully combing the racks when doors opened to the Pixie Market sample sale today. Price guidelines are easy to follow here: everything is either $20, $40, or $60. There are plenty of inexpensive heels and boots, along with a strong selection of tops, dresses, and skirts.

Prices are marked with either a colored sticker or tag on each item, corresponding with price signs on the wall. While some of the pieces here are straight-up warm weather wear, a lot of it will be good for layering during this seasonal transition.

The racks here are generally organized by size, with the smalls by the door and the larges on the back wall. Sales associates are able to check for additional sizes in backstock. Some of the shoes have stickers on the bottom noting which sizes are available, or if it's the last pair. There's also a selection of accessories like headbands and scarves on the front counter.

It's important to note that the dressing rooms are closed for this sale, so dress accordingly for trying on out in the open. The store owners said that there is "quite a bit" of merchandise not yet on the racks, and they'll be rolling out new styles throughout the sale. This means Pixie Market fans should probably stop by this sale more than once before it ends on Monday.—Laura Gurfein
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Pixie Market

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