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Denim Starts at $50 at the Hudson Jeans Sample Sale

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The first ever Hudson Jeans sample sale officially kicks off this morning at 260 Fifth Avenue. Prices for jeans start at just $50, making this sale well worth the trip if you're looking for some new fall denim. Added bonus? The sale is impeccably organized, making it a cinch to shop.

The clever team at Hudson hung samples on racks of what's in the denim bins on the nearby tables. Before you begin your hunt, check one the four racks that are divided by price—$50, $60, $65, and $75—to see what's in store. Once you ID a style that floats your boat, begin searching through the corresponding bin. If you run into trouble, there are more than a few helpful employees available to assist.

In addition to the rack-and-bin denim, there are two tables of jeans for $100 and $125, but these are not accompanied by sample racks, but there are a ton of sizes available.

There's also a rack that of light jackets in beige or army green for $125, as well as black tops for $40.

In terms of menswear, there's plenty to go 'round, including a ton of bins with jeans ranging from $60 to $100, as well as denim jackets for $75, shorts for $50, and tees for $30.

As per usual at this sample sale venue, the communal dressing room is up and running. The sale runs until Sunday, but no word yet on further markdowns. See the dealfeed below for more info, and for a visual, check out the gallery.—Claudia Saide
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260 Sample Sale

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