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Get to Know the Models From United Bamboo's Cat Calendar

Leo, Mr. August 2014
Leo, Mr. August 2014

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The United Bamboo Cat Calendar is here (!), and with it comes a series of burning questions: how did these cats get into modeling? Will they pose again? Did they get to keep the clothes? Will they get out of the warm laundry basket for less than $10,000 a day?

To figure that out, we did what any reputable publication would do: email their owners and ask them to send over a bunch of cute pictures and fun tidbits about their pets. After the jump, meet Huxtable, Leo, and Uni, aka February, August, and December.

Uni, December's model, as told by his owner Victoria:
Uni is 16 months old, and he was a year old when he did the calendar for United Bamboo. I was told by my friend that he should get into cat modeling, and she led me to United Bamboo where he got his first break. We would love for him to model again, if the opportunity arises.

He seemed okay with trying on clothes. He's usually tortured by my two kids or his best friend, William the Shih Tzu, so this was a piece of cake for him. He also has his own personal Instagram

Huxtable, February's model, as told by his owner Alana:
Huxtable is a one year and one month old, and he's a Sphynx. His first photo shoot was with United Bamboo. Every one was so shocked how cooperative he was—they said they had never seen anything like it. He sat still the entire time. After that shoot, we'd love for him to model again.

He was fine with wearing clothes until the fifth outfit change which was a Santa suit. Then again, I wouldn't want to wear that either.

Leo, August's model, as told by his owners Bari and Saralyn?:
Leo is a three-year-old-ish silver and white Persian cat. He was adopted from a shelter, so we can never be certain of his age, plus his good looks do make him look like a mere kitten. Leo's beauty was first captured on Petfinder by the great people from Chance at Life Rescue in Hackensack NJ; we scouted him from NYC and decided to make the trip out to adopt him.

The United Bamboo calendar is his first editorial feature. As for the future, we see him being a familiar face in feline modeling.

He loves clothes and SHOES; especially boxes they come in! As most models in the industry will tell you, he did not keep the clothes from the shoot.

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