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50+ Photos From Inside the Massive Erica Weiner Sample Sale

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Yesterday we got a sneak peek into Erica Weiner's studio as she prepared for her biggest sample sale to date. Before she moves her studio to Brooklyn, Erica is cleaning out discontinued jewelry styles, vintage curiosities, charms and components that make up her handmade jewelry collection.

The space is small, but packed with deeply discounted pieces, including bins of $20 necklaces, $5 earrings, chain by the mile and miscellaneous props. From kitschy telephone charms to delicate diamonds and estate-style vintage jewelry, there's something for every jewelry lover at this sale.

Be ready to spend some time digging through bins of $3 vintage bangles, $5 1950ss shoe clips, and random props like vintage darts, antique movable type (25¢/pc) and colorful beaded vintage tassels. Trays filled with necklaces adorned with vintage finds of antique liquor bottles, army knives, and other curiosities (for around $50) are stacked high.

More unique vintage pieces are individually priced and carefully labeled by Erica herself, with the year and a brief description. Some stand-out pieces include a tiny black book filled with area codes, an Eiffel Tower army knife, vintage car keychains, and an emergency metal match with sparker.

This is a great sale to load up on gifts for friends or family, and a good way to stock pile jewelry to wear everyday—tiny pretzel charm necklaces and delicate infinity rings are among some of our favorites. For those of you who like to do it yourself, you can buy some great supplies for making your own jewelry, including brass chain by the yard.

Make sure to stop at the ATM beforehand, because this is a cash-only sale. As we browsed through the pieces on display, her team continued to make more jewelry and pull out unused supplies like hair combs and basic bracelets, so there will be an abundance of product once the sale opens today at 4pm.—Christina DeSmet
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