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Not Breaking News: The Hermès Sample Sale Is a Ghost Town

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The first thing we noticed when dropping off our stuff at the Hermès sample sale coat check today was the lack of crowds. "It's so much better than the first day," said the Soffier Haskin employee handing out numbered tickets, referring to the line that numbered in the hundreds before the doors opened Wednesday. So, did they clear out a lot of the merch? "Well..." he trailed off.

Of course, we already knew the answer to that. In fact, it's hard to tell if anybody has purchased something here: the racks are still chock-full of shoes for all seasons, knit sweaters, leather coats, and more. What's most surprising is that prices haven't been reduced from the first day—it's still 50% off the retail price, which leaves a lot of items with four-digit price tags, like a tan sweater with leather detail on the sleeves for $1,075.

Sales staff and security detail (think Secret Service-style suits, complete with ear pieces) outnumbered shoppers, most of whom looked like tourists. And we didn't see anyone leaving with a shopping bag.

As previously stated, this sale is definitely reserved for the die-hard fans of the French luxury brand who'd be happy to get anything from the label at a discount. But for the average sample sale shopper, it's pretty disappointing. The always tight-lipped hosts haven't said if there will be further reductions for the final sale day tomorrow, but don't count on it.—Laura Gurfein
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