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Sarah Jessica Parker Left a Ton of Aura at WGACA

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Ever wonder where your favorite vintage dress came from, or who owned that 1970s pantsuit you just bought? In our new video feature, we're sending psychic Roxanne Elizabeth Usleman to some of the city's best vintage stores for her take on the past lives of clothes.

In a very special two-part edition of Vintage Store Psychic, Roxanne is lead down to the vault at What Goes Around Comes Around. Only the super rare, super historic, and super couture live in this sacred canyon of fashion and artifact, so it's no surprise that she found the coat of a British guard and a chainmetal vest that traveled to another dimensional plane.

In the vault's boudoir section, Roxanne gets a major dose of Sarah Jessica Parker by way of a Pucci skirt, then has a clararoma moment where she can actually smell the psychic part of a floral dress. See it to believe it in the video.
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