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Despite Bad Reviews, the Hermès Sample Sale Line Is a Long One

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The Hermès sample sale opens at 9am today at Soiffer Haskin, and despite crappy reviews, there's a serious line outside. Racked reporter Mickey Sery is on the scene; read his account below.

7:58am: Morning! Just got here and the line is taking up half the block. About 125 people, and half are guys. Looks like the first people showed up before 6am.

8:07am: The group of people behind us and in front of us have left for coffee. It's chilly out and a lot of people are pretty bundled up.

8:10am: Roughly 25 more people have joined the line.

(UPDATE: Here's what's inside.)

8:15am: People are talking about buying home goods, and how people walked out of yesterday's preview with chairs and coffee tables?! That's news to us. The girl behind me says her friend walked out of the VIP preview with two crocodile chairs and a chinchilla coat.

8:20am: The energy here is really buzzing for this early in the morning. Anticipation is high.

8:30am: The line is almost to the block now—probably about 275 people here. Still 50/50 men and women.

8:38am: They're letting people in to the coat check now. We're in the first half of the line before the stanchions!

8:45am: We're about 50th in line now. They're letting small groups of people inside, but that's slowed down.

8:52am: Just walked down to the end of the line and it's almost to the end of the block again—and that's with people inside.

8:58am: More people are being let inside. We're 10th in line outside now.

9:02am: At the coat check! There's a large sign with details about purchases. Only credit cards, no debit cards accepted. All sales final (of course), no holds, no exchanges, and everything's sold as is.

9:05am They're letting people in! We're still in the line to go upstairs after they let the first group enter, but we should be there soon.

And with that, we're off to the sale. Stay tuned for a full report.
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