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Hungry Shoppers Devour Phillip Lim at Target Atlantic Terminal

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The Phillip Lim for Target collaboration debuts today. While Cambrey Thomas checks out the East Harlem store, Racked NY Associate Editor Nicola Fumo is stationed at the Atlantic Terminal location. See her account below.

7:40am: Just got here! There are 20 jovial people in line. The front of the line got here at 7:30am—not too crazy for an 8am opening.

7:45: There's a surprisingly robust ratio of males here. Very jealous of one guy's Starbucks.

7:47am: One passerby is baffled: "the line to get into Target?"

7:50am: A group of four late teens/college freshmen are gathered around an iPhone scoping products online and planning an attack. They are planning for the worst case (unprobable) scenario: one of each. Who gets what?

7:51am: Ten people have joined the line behind me. The people in front of me are mostly wearing sneakers and sweats. Behind me, people are dressed in more real clothes. That's the difference between 7:30am and 7:50am.

7:55am: Sidenote: According to Twitter, a fight almost broke out at the Queens Target over who was in line first.

8:02am: Officially two minutes past opening and the doors are still locked. People are aborting! Maybe going to another entrance?

8:04am: Everyone's jogging to door 2! Line 1 was bullshit!

8:07am: The first people in line are pissed and are recalling a day when you could just walk in right away and buy whatever you wanted.

8:10am: Holy shit: the shelves are already bare. Everything's been taken! The staff is just standing here with walkie talkies not even sure what to do about this. I'm going to wait a bit to see if people put stuff back after they try stuff on. All that's left are larges and extra larges.

8:15am: Now there is magically more! A woman is announcing trade offers.

8:22am: Employees are bringing more out and people are grabbing it before it even touches the rails.

8:30am: Important announcement! Men's is in the men's section, and not downstairs with the rest of the collab.

8:31am: For some reason, no one is going for the sequined dress.

8:35am: The staff isn't sure about restocking. Kind of sounds like they were told not to say anything.

8:36am: Oh, and people are using the home goods section mirrors to try on. Girl straight up in a bra.

8:40am: Just heard a staffer tell someone else there will be another shipment tonight! Not sure what will be in it though.

And with that, we're heading out. Think that was crazy? See what happened over in Harlem here.
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Target Atlantic Terminal

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