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Pushing, Trading at the Phillip Lim for Target Launch in Harlem

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The Phillip Lim for Target collaboration drop today, and Racked NY reporter Cambrey Thomas is at the East Harlem store scoping out the launch.

7:20am: Good morning! I just arrived, and there's a pretty long line already. My roommate is also in line and she said there were 20 people here at 6am. Right now, there are about 60.

7:30am: An important announcement: there's a two-item maximum of each item, and you'll be escorted out if you're seen taking video. And no running or pushing!

7:35am: Staffers just said they'll be letting the first 30 people in once the store opens at 8am. CNBC cameras are here, by the way.

7:37am: It's cold. Very cold. The dude next to me is thinking about leaving to get Dunkin'.

7:40am: Two people behind me are shopping on their smart phones—have ordered and everything. People are really excited about the bags. And some also have grocery lists!

7:50am: The new count is 83 people in line. There's a freezing cold breeze off the East River.

7:55am: The news crews were just asked to leave. They even said now that there's no picture taking allowed inside.

7:56am: New rule: the first half will be let in, and sixty second later, the last half...

7:58am: I just found out the first people in line were here at 4am! They've got camping chairs and everything.

8:04am: It's go time! The employees are filming.

8:10am: The bags are all already gone, but employees are bringing out more. Everyone is waiting by the back door for bags.

8:18am: The staffers are bringing out more bags. Fighting?

8:20am: There was just a loud noise, and someone said "that's it." Late-comers look lost, dropped jaws.

8:25am: There was just a bum rush, and employees can't even bring out new merchandise. People are pushing, and some are trading.

8:35am: There's no new merchandise coming out, and I just overheard that everthing's gone. People are still standing around, but just to trade.

8:40am: An employee says that they'll be restocking after noon today, but just clothes—no bags.

And with that, we're out! Stay tuned for a post later on this afternoon recapping the madness, and check out what was going on at the Atlantic Terminal location here.
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