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Your Guide to Sunday's Phillip Lim for Target Collab Launch

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After months of teasers and an 8,100-mile cross-country promo trip, the Phillip Lim for Target collaboration will debut this Sunday. Judging from the mob scene that was the press preview earlier this month, it's safe to expect a crowd and a long line on launch day. After the jump, we've rounded up everything you need to know to get exactly what you want—from which stores are carrying it to when to show up, and what to grab first.

Where to shop it:
The stores in East Harlem, Atlantic Terminal, Queens Plaza, and the Bronx (40 West 225th Street) will all be carrying the collab. The East Harlem store tends to be the most crowded, since all of central Manhattan can easily hop on the 4 or 6. If you're up for it, consider the other three.

When to get there:
The abovementioned Targets will all open at 8am. For the Prabal Gurung collab, our reporter arrived a little bit before the store opened, and there was only a line of 40 people—but don't underestimate a tiny but mighty crowd. To play it safe, consider showing up between 7 and 7:30am, if there are pieces that you really, really want.

What to grab first:
At the launch party, the crowd gravitated (aka ransacked) the leather jackets and bags. The leopard print was also pretty popular, as were the blazers and Boom sweater. Know what big-ticket items you want ahead of time, and prioritize from there. Refresh yourself on the entire collection right here, and keep in mind that even though they're included in the photos, there are no women's shoes.

Don't hoard for eBay
Because no one's going to spend over $200 on the large tote bag. We promise.

How to return: And that brings us to returns. The frenzied nature of collaboration launches can do terrible things to your judgement—meaning you'll probably decide later on that you don't need all of the leopard print pieces, or each iteration of the bags. Pay close attention to your receipt and don't throw it away: Racked National points out that the rules for returning collaboration merchandise are often different from the standard policy. You've been warned.
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