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Hardcore Fans Line Up for the iPhone 5S, Two Weeks in Advance

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At the corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street, a small crowd armed with cameras formed around a row of umbrellas, and they appeared to be interviewing celebrities or an Occupy Upper East Side protest. However, the group of four are actually in line for the iPhone 5S, which doesn't come out until September 20th.

Vice spoke with them earlier this week, and we headed uptown yesterday to personally meet Jessica Malo, 28, Brian Ceballo, 19, Jon Murphy, 23, and Justin Lockhart, 22, to find out how they're occupying their time, what the hell they're doing lining up two weeks in advance, and why they're not at work.

Brian, Jessica, and Jessica's cousin (who was away for the moment) have been waiting for the iPhone 5s for six days already, and Jon and Justin, who came all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio, have been waiting for five. According to the group, and contrary to popular belief, sleeping on a New York City street corner is actually a helluva good time. "It's a social experience," said Jessica. "We have been doing this for two-three years now and you meet really awesome people and connect on social media sites. It's a really cool experience."

Jon and Justin work for SellYourMac. They came to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue because a) it's open 24 hours and b) their boss's fiancé lives in the area, so they're able to shower there. People have also apparently been bringing over breakfast. When asked how they're killing time, Brian said that he's not streaming anything on Netflix because it wastes too much battery. (Justin and Jon have been streaming Breaking Bad, though.) Naturally, the crew takes turns charging their phones and gadgets inside the store.

As for food, they've been calling up up a Thai place in the neighborhood or ordering from Seamless, both of which deliver to the corner.—Malky Weichbrod
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